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LV: Phedir
Name: Phedir
Age: 112 ( About 28 in human years)
Species: Viloo
Gender: Male
Height: 8'1"

Class: Emerald
Specialty: Scouting, Biomedical Engineering & Healing

Partner: N/A
Ship Name: N/A
Personality: (+) Stong, silent type | Knowledgable
                    ( ) Inquisitive | Witty | Determined 
                    (-) Broods | Rebellious

In the Lotus headquarters Phedir will often be crafting technology, studying up new information and tending to the plants/animals that live in his bedroom. He naturally will keep to himself but welcomes the company of his crew. When he isn't on a mission or busy tending to his pets/projects, he can be found in the Rec Room challenging his 8 fingers to play piano.

  • Uncovering new information no matter how significant.
  • His pets/specimens. Takes a liking to most small and innocent life forms.
  • Imported Earth coffee. His guilty pleasure is drinking a whole pot to himself.
  • Crafting new technology.
  • Playing piano and classical music.
  • Camaraderie.
  • A challenge.
  • Being told no or he can't without enough logic to back it up.
  • Dwelling on the "ifs" and what could have been.
  • Disapproval.

Phedir was born into the Aki'Sha tribe on the planet Spire. His father, the tribe leader and his mother, the tribe witch doctor expected great things from him. At the time he looked forward to it, awaiting the day he could meet all their expectations. However, his whole outlook changed the day humans crash landed onto Spire. They landed not far from the Aki'Sha territory and with threats made by the tribe, the humans reassured them they would leave as soon as they could repair their spacecraft. Reluctantly and with caution the tribe backed off under one condition: that in the time the humans remained they wouldn't interfere with the Aki'Sha way of life. Reaching an agreement the two species maintained a respective distance. That is, except a young Phedir who would watch the humans in curiosity when his tribesmen weren't looking. He watched as they used a strange technology to repair parts of their ship, modify body parts and heal their injuries. Late one night he asked the humans for permission to teach him this technology; that he thought it could benefit his tribe to understand it. Unable to resist his puppy eyes for long, they agreed. So in secret they would let him read up on how the technology worked, even letting him try his hands at creating gadgets and gizmos. Eventually after about a month in human terms, Phedir's parents caught him successfully attaching a modified limb to one of his injured pets. Infuriated, they disciplined his behavior. Saying that using this technology is cheating nature's way of life, the belief that it's survival of the fittest and nothing else. Phedir retaliated. No matter how much he tried to explain that this would benefit the tribe his parents refused. The next day in front of the whole tribe, his parents shamed him. Announcing to everyone that he would no longer be a member of the Aki'Sha. With the removal of his mask he was disowned. He took his few pets and small things and left. All he could do was retreat to the humans who now had a fixed ship. He asked that they take him with and with guilt in their hearts, they couldn't say no. Since that day forward Phedir was raised by the human bounty hunters. Learning all that he could about this newfound technology and their culture, eventually leading him to become a capable bounty hunter of Lotus.

RP Info: (coming soon!)
(All information will likely be revised in time)
Mslckitty Expressions
So it's been a good while since I posted any art stuff... 
Here are some faces based on myself that I made for personal branding.
They will be on my business card and resume for Illustration and Graphic Designing.
I also plan to dye my hair this color for when my end of the year portfolio review goes down. 
Should be a lot of fun! :dance:

I hope you guys like them and hey--
if you are willing to pay a lil money I can certainly make some for you too. ;)



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Lauren "Lolo"
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Apologies for not posting all that often these days!
I get distracted easily and with art blocks here and there it slows me down.
I'll continue to work on this problem of mine!



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